With Robert’s mistake, the five friends are reunited. But there is no time to celebrate.

Trapped in a bleak alternate reality, where magic doesn’t exist, to the one they had become accustom to, the five friends must fall on traditional ways of getting things done.

This new realm needs their assistance too, locked in darkness for more than six centuries.

But this realm hides its secrets well. And its controller’s lust for control will not be easy to break, especially without their powers.

Will they be able to break the strangle hold, free the people, and rescue themselves while only relying on traditions?

Only time will tell.

Traditions, Book of Jean-Luc is Book 3 of a five book series, Transfiguration.

Sample Page

The swirling maelstrom opened a few feet from the ground, throwing its captives not too gently about the dense forest. Diane was the first to recover, groggily getting to her feet. The effects of the spinning still affected her and she all she could do to prevent spoiling the trees from the previous feast. Looking around,  she located Jean-Luc next as he too rose to his feet slowly. Together, they located Cat in some bushes. He blinked his eyes a few times then sniffed the air around them. The three of them looked around, stopping in their tracks as they saw a heavily armored man laying his back.

Diane’s hand fell to the hilt of her mace. “Robert?”

Robert brought his mail fist to his forehead as he sat up. “Where am I?”

Cat growled and crouched down low to the ground, readying himself for an attack.

“Since you are the one that sent us here, I would assume you would know that,” Jean-Luc said coldly. He folded his arms over his chest and stared at his former friend.

“I, I, did what?” he stammered as he rose slowly.

“You brought us here Robert,” Diane said to him as she stepped forward. That is when she noticed a large gash on his head. She sighed and concentrated on a healing spell, but nothing happened. There was no blue light, no building of energy she was use to when she summoned her healing abilities. She turned to Jean-Luc and Cat, “I cannot heal. The magic won’t form. Can you do your abilities?”

Jean-Luc stepped to a tree and hit it hard with his palms, shaking them from pain as the trunk was unaffected by his blow.

Diane walked up to Robert and poked him in the chest. “Robert, what have you done!”

“Diane, I do not know what you mean. Last thing I remember I jumped through the portal after the man that created the dead forest. Next thing I remember, I am here. How did I get this armor?”

Diane looked at Jean-Luc then back to Robert. She stared at her friend for a long time, her eyes trying to pierce his being to see his soul. He held himself like his former self. His face wasn’t filled with rage