Five friends, on the cusp of being adults, find themselves accused of a crime they did not commit. Instead of facing the accusers which would have meant their death, they run.

The chase leads them to a secluded grove. Nestled in front of a trio of birch trees, a mysterious portal awaits. They discover a strange place with things that make no sense to them.

While there, a man explains something horrifying to them. An accident created another realm where magic does exists. But this new realm is bleeding into this reality and will ultimately destroy both realms if not stopped.

The five friends have been chosen to accomplish this task, being whisked to the new place without their consent. The realm fills them with wondrous powers that are native to the new land. Abilities that some would say, would justify the original accusations.

Can they understand their transformations in time and save both worlds?

Only time will tell.

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