Still taking time to transition to the new realm, the friends face new challenges.

A companion that joined their group needs their help to defeat the lizard men that are ravaging his lands.

Their leader, an evil creature by the name of Sa`sardin, reaks of evil. In order to defeat it, they will need more than mere blade or spell can offer.

Join Diane, Jean-Luc, Charles, and John as their attempt to rid the lands of the menacing force, attempt to discover what happened to Robert, and find a means to return home.

Transitions is book two of a five book series. Follow along with the five on their wondrous journey.


After checking Cat one more time, we cautiously pressed on down the maze. After about five minutes of twists and turns, the paths open to stairs! At long last we had reached the entrance to the library. But it was not without it own hazard. Standing on the stairs was six tattered robed individuals, long since dead; their eyes glowing green with some evil magic that was keeping them animated. In the middle of the six was a lanky individual which stood nearly six feet tall while bent over.

She looked human, with long greasy hair that touched the cracked stone stairs, but her skin was pulled taught against her leathery skin with age and she possessed fingernails so long that I believed she too was one of those dead creatures, although her gaunt eyes did not glow like the creatures around her. Behind the seven on the top of the steps were two giant braziers. Fashioned in the shape of kneeling titans holding a bowl on their back, the braziers billowed a noxious green vapor that was completely inside the library, around the stairs, and engulfing the foes in front of us.