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Today, by your calendar is July 16, 2013 — But in my calendar, it is the 16th day of the Mid-Year Fest. in the 13th year of the Age of Troubles.

Let me re-introduce myself. My name is Lumadian and I am a dragon. Never talked to a dragon before?

I can understand that, your world isn’t kind to them, changing our majestic form to something quite primitive. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with you unless you were bonded with me, but the same portal that brought me here, allows me to talk to you.

We have much to discuss, for it is important you know about Elilith, and the people in it. After all, part of my world already exists in yours.

There is time for all of that though. For now, I want you to get excited over something new coming from the one who “discovered” us all. Yes, John, John DeJordy that is, will share that world, and he’s agreed to let me tell the tale.

So, get ready, for updates will be coming, and you will discover an immense world ahead.