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Today, I start a new post with a new look. I will probably go through many stylish changes, but in the end I want to have a fresher look, and a closer feel for what I like to do.

Writing, it seems, is much harder than one would imagine. Putting words down on paper is easy. Type away and voila! You have something that you wrote. But is that writing? Or better stated, is it interesting writing.

I’ve discovered too that editing is a pass in the ass. No, really, it is a hassle, because no matter how many times I revise, re-revise and re-re-revise, I either miss something that took another person 10 seconds to spot, or I changed the concept so drastically that later on in the story – the part that I didn’t change – makes no sense.

That is why everyone needs someone to read their stuff.

But, enough on that, I need to work on polishing this place up a bit.

More to come soon.