Today, my “alter ego” was tasked with coming up with 140 characters to describe his book.

That is a challenge! Image summarizing some of your world’s greatest novels in that span. Would would people say about War and Peace or 1984?

But a challenge is a task that should not go unchallenged. Thus, without further delay here is the entry:

Salem 1692: Transported to a strange realm, 5 teens must find the key to saving the world from disaster, before it finds them first


And why post anything at all? When it is for a contest: Is it hot in Here — If anyone finds they cannot post comments, please either twitter me or send me an email at:

jdejordy AT gmail DOT com

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1   Rebecca Blain
April 1st, 2011 at 3:27 pm

Hi Wyrm!

Interesting snippet on what your story is about. I would suggest that you tweak the last part of the sentence — before it finds them first. Also, is the Salem 1692 really relevant if they are leaving it anyway? (This is just the impression I get)

Good luck, 140 character synopsis are terribly difficult.

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