Lumadian, a miniature red and brown dragon, circles overhead for a while before diving through the dense brush, disappearing only for a moment. After a few moments of awkward silence, you get a sense of pleasure coursing through your body.

“So, it appears that you have returned. Perhaps the good news has reached your ears and you came to discover what projects John is currently working on. First, let me–for those that haven’t heard–state you can get John’s first book, Picayune, at Amazon or Smashwords in multiple formats.

“Currently, John is working on his first novel, Transformations, which is book one of five from the series Transfigurations.

Like I mentioned before, editing a novel is very tedious. In this case, entire chapters are being written over to match an overall feel the book has in later chapters. It was like he had two different versions of himself working on the book.”

Lumadian flies over and lands on your shoulder adjusting, himself until he is comfortable.When one writes, they tend to see things differently than when they read.That is an important reason as to why anyone who writes, needs an outside editor. Even editors need editors!”

In the coming weeks, more updates will be forthcoming at a quicker pace. For now, let’s just walk around the forest together until he has something more to show us.”


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