A smallish red and brown dragon shakes off some rainwater from his wings as he settles next to you.

“New visitors! I love new visitors! Come, find some places among the trees to protect yourselves. I hear humans don’t like the rain. I love the rain. Oh! But let me introduce myself. My name is Lumadian.” The cat-sized dragon takes an exaggerated bow. “I have much to teach you, from the names of the months of the year that are familiar to me to the wondrous history of Elilith.”

Lumadian flies over, lands next to you, and stairs into your eyes. “You do like stories don’t you?” He give you a toothy grin and nods. “Good! So my story begin with my favorite subject: Dragons.”

“A little more than five hundred years ago, dragons were as common as your fellow man. We were everywhere and everyone wrote about us. But because of that, there were races they were envious of our attention. They plotted in dark places with dark plots, scheming to rob Dragons of all the attention. They maneuvered and tricked and bribed and concocted ways to get the dragons fighting. Once started, the fights consumed the dragons until every day thunder filled the skies with their monstrous fights. As conflict continued, the large dragons — you know, the house size and larger dragons — were drawn to Dragon Spine Mountains. Numbers continued to swell until nothing of the sky could be seen. Even when one of the dragons fell, another filled the space.

“The intensity continued to grow driving every other living creature, including my own ancestors, underground to protect itself from harm’s way until one morning the sound suddenly stopped. When somebody whose name is lost to history went to check, they discovered no trace of any Dragon.”

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