Picayune might be just a dormouse, but he always has dreams of grandeur -- from knights and princesses to adventures in faraway lands. Little did he know he would have to overcome his shy, timid ways and embark on his own adventure through the Land of Red Tails, the underground lair of the badgers, the sky mountain fortress of the Hoo-Caw tribe and beyond in search of his best friend, Ameera. Does Picayune have what it takes? In his dreams, perhaps. Big things come in small sizes... A story about over coming shyness and believing in yourself. BUY IT NOW!! Picayune on Amazon Also find the digital version on Smashword And on Barnes and Noble's Nook: Barnes and Noble   Read some of the great reviews: Nerd Gird Review: Nerd Girl Review and Flayrah: Flayrah Review and Examiner.com: Examiner Review