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Attack of the Swamp Rats


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Book 1 of the Transfiguration series

Allow me to introduce myself

first please forgive us for allowing the growth of weeds to overtake my place. Sometimes, life gets you so busy, you forget to tidy up for guests. My name is John DeJordy, and my traveling companion in the world of Elilith is Lumadian. He is my muse, and even has his own blog. He’s even inspired me to name my dog, Luma after him.

This year, I am trying to maintain a schedule. I want to make sure I put more stories out there, while also keeping the quality of standard that is dear to me. I will be updating the site often, so I invite you to return and discover what has grown.
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So, what can I say about myself?

I was born in Ohio, but grew up in Holyoke, MA in the 70s and 80s, when computers were still in their infancy. As such, most of my youth was spent reading, or using my imagination to go exploring. My first exposure to fantasy actually came from my chemistry teacher, who ran the school’s “Dungeon’s and Dragons” club. That exposure unlocked something inside me, creating a deeper passion for the art of writing.

I have many passions. I explore game worlds such as those created by Sony Online Entertainment. I enjoy the challenge of board and thinking games like chess or Sudoku. I’ve co-owned my own L.A.R.P., where my friends and I created a whole fantasy universe. The plots we created were complex and diverse enough to fill a bookcase. It was that passion that finally forced me to put my ideas in print.

As I continue, seeking to get all my work published, I hope you can journey with me as we explore the worlds I intend to create for you.

If anything, it will be an interesting ride.

If you’d like to contact me, send an email to john AT johndejordy DOT com




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“The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.”

–  Albert Einstein

Transfiguration – Book 1 – Transformations

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Upon awakening in the magical realm Elilith, John and his four comrades are doubly shocked. Not only are they no longer in 17th-century Salem, Massachusetts, but they are transformed, having acquired unusual abilities.

As John and his friends struggle to accept their new home and understand their new powers, the group befriends a race of elves suffering from a mysterious plague. As more of their beautiful forest is destroyed, the elves sense their extinction drawing near. The five newcomers pledge their assistance to the ailing elves.

Sparse clues lure the group into an immense fort, inhabited by hideous creatures, both living and dead. They follow the trail to a maze of treacherous tunnels and finally to the true heart of the forest, where the source of the plague dwells.

Will John, Diane, Robert, Charles and Jean-Luc persevere to find the true heart of the forest and stop the plague?

Can the five master their transformations in time to save both Elilith and their birth home?

Transformations is book one of the Transfiguration series

Transfiguration – Book 2 – Transitions

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Now that the elves are safe, John, Diane, Jean-Luc, and Cat are going to help a man they met to reclaim his lands from the lizard men of the south and look for their lost friend Robert, who jumped through a portal while chasing the mysterious man that caused the problems in the first place.

Transfiguration – Book 4 – Training

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After escaping the pocket dimension Robert had trapped them all in, John and his friends have a new problem to confront. Healers of the world are disappearing at an alarming rate and it’s up to them to stop the problem before Diane disappears. But in their weakened state, they must be trained to hone their skills. And thus, travel to the frozen north.

Picayune 3 – On Your Tail

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With the loss of his friend, Picayune feels it’s his duty to travel to his friend’s land and tell his friend’s father.

To his shock, his friend’s father orders Picayune to take part in the custom of the race.

Picayune 2 – Attack of the Swamp Rats

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With Dragon defeated, Picayune thinks he can relax. But his deed is heard by the king and his village elects him to head the team to get the city ready.

During the feast for king’s visit, a rat attempts to kill him, only to be thwarted by Azure-Bond. Upon questioning the rat, they discover a plot of the rats to rampage the forest and Picayune is elected to stop them.

Picayune must find a way to stop the impending doom.

But will he?

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This a five star read for anyone into fantasy. The characters have, between them, just about every magical power you have ever read about. Accept this, then just enjoy as, having befriended a race of elves and agreed to use their powers to help they set about setting things to right in the land. Once they reach the fort they are faced with, from your point of view a different hideous creature in each section of it, some alive and some dead and having many with dozens of others to help them. Each gives our heroes a new challenge to overcome, but it will not surprise you to learn that they eventually manage it. It is the ‘how’ that makes good reading. Note, this is only the first of a series.

Derek White, AmazonTransformations: Robert's Fury (Transfiguration Book 1)

Seemed to start off slow, but soon enough, I was falling into the story and enjoying some interesting characters. I was particularly impressed by the fact that this is available as a quality audio book as well, which allowed me to enjoy this while doing guard work.

AnimalLoverZeta, AmazonPicayune

it is one of the best books I have ever read! it is filled with adventure and I reccomend it for any who like fantasy and adventure.

Amazon CustomerTransformations: Robert's Fury (Transfiguration Book 1)

First of all, I just have to say, when I bought this story I groaned inwardly a little. I knew right from the cover that it would be for middle-grade to preteen. I strive to read at a little higher grade level than that. YA at least 😉

With that said...


You're instantly transported into the minute world of dormice, squirrels, and badgers. If Lord of the Rings and The Secret of NIMH were left on a shelf next to each other, unattended, this would be their offspring.

This was the first book I've read by author John Dejordy. What struck me most was the flawlessness with which he rights. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't mechanical in anyway, more like magical. I'll definitely be reading more of his work.

shaydenfl Picayune

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